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Automated fitness challenges 

Engage customers with transformation challenges and never add up points again. Customers sign up for your challenge in the app with a single click and are reminded to weigh-in automatically. When they do, we live update leaderboards making the results instantly viewable to you and the participants. 

We even create your promotional materials for you.


All your customers in one place

Creating an exceptional Customer Experience is the only way to stay competitive. When your customers use your InBody Body Analyzer along with the FitManager app, you get new ways to engage and interact with them, so you can offer them more than what’s on your shelves.


Connect with your customers, Create goals

Gaining a customer for life requires that you connect with them personally and provide them value immediately, even before they buy something. Getting them on the InBody Body Analyzer in combination with the FitManager app allows you to start their fitness journey conversation the right way, by setting a goal they can take with them.


Generate recurring monthly revenue with MealGuidance

You offer meal plans for two reasons

  1. You love the results you can help your customers reach

  2. They create loyal, repeat customers.

We’ve built meal plans right into the app for you and your customers. You coach them as you always have using our coaching portal, and we'll do the macro calculations and meal reminders. Your customer pays a small monthly fee to join, and you get deposits right into your bank account. It’s that easy.

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